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World Bank Negotiated Resolution Agreement

(a) all projects subject to changes to contracting guidelines and consultation guidelines in May 2010 or later; and (b) for all projects subject to previous expenditures under the public procurement guidelines and advisory boards; For which the legal agreements have been amended to implement the cross-border locking regime, with the exception of projects in the following countries for which these amendments have not taken effect: 1. Federal Republic of Brazil (excluding states and other recipients of funding in Brazil) 2) Bulgaria 3. State of Eritrea 4. Republic of Kazakhstan (excluding the electricity grid operator of Kazakhstan – KEGOC) 5. In 2016, the World Bank Group committed to finance more than $64 billion, support projects in virtually all developing countries, and cover almost all sectors.1 As a trustee in its member countries` funds, the World Bank has a duty, in accordance with its articles, to ensure that these funds are used for its intended purposes. 2 The World Bank`s fraud and corruption detection and deterrence systems are based on this fiduciary duty and are designed both to protect the integrity of World Bank-funded projects and to discourage future wrongdoing. A case of investigation or sanction by the World Bank can also be resolved by an amicable settlement between the respondent and the INT, known as the Negotiated Resolution Agreement (NRA). Parties may, at any time before or during the sanctioning process, conclude an RNA until the SDO issues an opinion on the undisputed sanction procedures or, if necessary, the Sanctions Committee makes a decision. All RNAs must be approved by the World Bank`s Vice-President of Legal Affairs and are submitted to the SDO for confirmation that (i) the respondent freely and fully informed the RNA of the RNA conditions and without any RNA and that (ii) the RNA conditions are not manifestly contrary to sanction procedures or sanction directives.

RNAs can quickly resolve issues that involve less investment in resources and provide greater security for both parties. The transaction agreement provides for reduced prohibition periods to reflect the company`s cooperation with the World Bank investigation. The company is committed to developing an integrity compliance program consistent with the principles set out in the World Bank Group`s Integrity Compliance Policies. The company is also committed to continuing to cooperate fully with the Vice-President of the World Bank Integrity Group. For investment projects approved after July 2016, the World Bank`s standards for fraud and corruption are set out in the World Bank`s public procurement (public procurement) rules 7. In particular, Schedule IV of the Public Procurement Regulation contains the relevant fraud and corruption provisions for World Bank-funded projects, including definitions of the five types of misconduct that are subject to sanctions. Appendix IV refers to a new set of guidelines for combating fraud and corruption risks in World Bank-funded projects as World Bank guidelines: To prevent and combat fraud and corruption in projects financed by IDA loans and loans and grants , Appendix IV refers to a set of anti-fraud and corruption guidelines. “10 The Bank incorporates the World Bank guidelines into anti-corruption guidelines10.