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Voip Service Level Agreement Template

Voice Carrier will provide an initial response to service-related incidents and/or customer requests in the following targeted response times: Voice Carrier provides on-site support for system outages when the customer is hired separately by the customer. For warranty equipment that is out of service or outside of it, Voice Carrier support is available on-site for the installation of these devices at published prices. The customer must allow Voice Carrier service personnel to access safely and prepare access to premises and equipment. If VoIPService Availability forCustomer in a monthly billing cycle falls below the above level, 101VOICE will issue a credit (“Service Failure Credit”). Credits are audited and subject to other conditions. The service default credit is calculated at the rates shown in the schedule below. The planned network maintenance refers to the normal maintenance planned for the voice Carrier data and voice network upgrade, as well as the servers used to provide voice Carrier services to customers. Scheduled network maintenance can take place at any time during our 12:00 – 7:00 Eastern Time maintenance window. System problems related to planned network maintenance do not result in service credits described in this ALS. Third-party hardware and software, such as servers.

B, phones and network devices, are covered by the manufacturer`s warranty for defects. Voice Carrier is not responsible for defects resulting from devices or services provided by the customer. System services purchased by a voice carrier dealer or agent are the sole responsibility of the dealer or agent. Emergency or standard services may be available through Voice Carrier at current prices published on the Voice Carrier website. No credit is earned in the scenarios below. Voice Carrier is not responsible for service interruptions due to The Voice Carrier providing a service only for hardware or software, as agreed by the customer. This includes monitoring, maintaining and repairing software and hardware provided by Voice Carrier, but without an explicit ordering contract to monitor, maintain and repair the software and hardware provided by the customer. Some services voice carrier, z.B. Connections to the public switching network (PSTN) are provided by third parties. Voice Carrier is not responsible for or responsible for failures caused by failures of these third-party systems. Voice Carrier can only provide services other than reporting customer information provided by the Creditor.

Opening hours 101VOICE standard business hours service are Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm PST without us National Holidays. Out-of-hours services can be requested as in the order of purchase and the customer`s contract. 101VOICE provides customers with reliable and reliable service and is committed to tracking the following service levels If a cloud server hosting a customer service server or SIP beverage breaks down, another local server can typically retrieve the service in an hour. In the event of a total device failure in a roommate facility or a critical service failure required for routine operation and provided by the Colocation provider (which renders the service unavailable in the Colocation facility), service is generally restored within eight hours on a separate system located at another geographic location. Voice Carrier`s service insurance obligations do not apply: “Service availability” means the ability to make and receive voice phone calls, including the system receiving voicemail messages. 101VOICE will make reasonable economic efforts to minimize outages and outages, and will offer 99.996% reliability for its voice system functions on a calendar year basis. Some third-party products and services are individually licensed by these suppliers.